In a Food Rut? Start a Healthy Supper Club


In a Food Rut? Start a Healthy Supper Club


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Find yourself making the same old meals all the time? Here’s an easy way to change things up: Start a healthy supper club with your friends.
A supper club, for the uninitiated, is a group of people who get together and have homemade dinners. (Or, if schedules permit, lunch or even breakfast.) 
From that basic premise, you can create your own version: You decide how many people to include, how often to meet, and where.
For instance, you might decide to rotate among each other’s homes or if one person has the ideal entertaining space, you may always meet there. You can go pot-luck or the host can cook the entire meal. 
As you work out those details, we’ll help out with the nutrition guidelines:

Create a nutritionally balanced plate

That means the meal should consist of about half vegetables (and/or fruit), a quarter of healthy protein, and a quarter of whole grain, sweet potatoes, or other good-for-you starchy food. There are endless ways to spin this basic concept from a classic plate of fish, rosemary roasted potatoes (with skins), and salad to a one-dish turkey-barley-vegetable soup to a pasta dish with bitter greens, fava beans and cheese (the latter two count as protein).

Cap calories at 650

(including dessert, excluding alcohol)
This way, the meal will be satisfying, but won’t derail anyone else’s weight loss efforts.

Minimize salt

Cook with little (no more than 1/8 of a teaspoon per serving) or no salt, but put the salt shaker on the table. Adding just a few salt crystals to the food on your plate, just before taking a bite, gives as much of a salty impact as using a lot more of the stuff in cooking. And if you’re generous with herbs, spices, lemon juice and citrus peel, you’ll need less salt for flavor.


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Try Best Life recipes

They’re all healthy, and we’ve done all the calorie-counting for you.  Here are three meals to get you started: the first is seafood-based, the second a vegetarian meal and last one is based on turkey.

Meal 1

Halibut with tomato and fennel with Spicy Roasted Potatoes and roasted greens. End the meal with a Cherry Slump.

Calories: 650 (assuming the greens got a light spritz of oil and come to no more than 75 calories)

Meal 2

Broccoli Curry with Red Lentils over ½ cup cooked brown basmati rice. For dessert: Baked Pear with Chocolate Sauce

Calories: 590

Meal 3

Cucumber Dill Soup,  Sweet and Spicy Moroccan Pilaf with a Chocolate Dried Cranberry Biscotti and tea for dessert.

Calories: 652

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